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Jumpstart's Complete ACT WorkKeys® Prep.

A complete review and practice of all skills assessed by the ACT® WorkKeys Job Skills Assessment Sections: Applied Math, Workplace Documents, & Graphic Literacy

Improve time management and work faster on test day after a quick review of even the content you are proficient in. Attempt more — guess less!

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6 Video Modules

Review modules accessed on-demand & ready when you are
(average time of 35 minutes each)

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7-Hour Review*

A minimum time commitment for major improvements
*approximate total run time

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Online Assessments

"Pre" & "Post" are included with our Applied Math review, providing individualized review based on weaknesses

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1 Workbook

Student workbook includes all sections and is completed with video modules.

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90-Day Subscription

Work at your own pace at any time within the 90-day subscription period

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Jumpstart's ACT WorkKeys® Module Content

Each module contains content review, specific testing strategies, tips and realistic timed practice proven to help students of all ability levels improve their scores!

Course Outline

  • Section 1 - Introduction

    • Intro to the ACT® WorkKeys® Assessment
  • Section 2 - Applied Math Section Preparation

    • Applied Math Introduction
    • Quiz Pre Assessment
    • Quiz Post Assessment
  • Section 3 - Graphic Literacy Section Preparation

    • Module 1 - Level 3 - 5 skills
    • Module 2 - Level 6 & 7 advanced skills
    • Quiz Post Assessment
  • Section 4 - Workplace Documents Section Preparation

    • Module 1 - Level 3 - 5 skills
    • Module 2 - Level 6 & 7 advanced skills
    • Quiz Post Assessment

Jumpstart's ACT WorkKeys Review Evidence Based Improvement Research

About the ACT® WorkKeys® Assessment

The ACT WorkKeys® assessments measure foundational skills required for success in the workplace, and help measure the workplace skills that can affect job performance. WorkKeys® assessments are developed to solve actual workplace problems. Unlike other assessments, they don’t simply give an indication of reading and writing competency. Instead, they measure a range of hard and soft skills relevant to any occupation, at any level, and across industries.

Successful completion of three ACT WorkKeys® core assessments earns an ACT WorkKeys® National Career Readiness Certificate™, a credential that verifies the skills found to be most essential across industries and occupations. Tens of thousands of employers recognize the value of the NCRC, and many recommend the credential to candidates.

ACT WorkKeys® National Career Readiness Certificate™ (ACT NCRC) consists of three separate assessments:

Applied Math assessment measures critical thinking, mathematical reasoning, and problem-solving techniques for situations that actually occur in today’s workplace. While individuals may use calculators and conversion tables to help with the problems on the assessment, math skills are still needed to think them through. 

Graphic Literacy assessment measures the skill needed to locate, synthesize, and use information from workplace graphics.  Using charts, graphs, diagrams, and floor plans, you will be challenged to identify what information is being presented and understand how to use it are critical to success. 

Workplace Documents measures the skills people use when they read and use written text such as memos, letters, directions, signs, notices, bulletins, policies, and regulations on the job.

Each assessment offers varying levels of difficulty. The levels build on each other, incorporating the skills assessed at the previous levels. For example, at Level 5, individuals need the skills from Levels 3, 4, and 5. The complexity increases as the quantity and/or density of the information increases.

The ACT NCRC is issued in four levels based on scores of the component tests:

Platinum – 6 or above on all three assessments

Gold –        5 or above on all three assessments

Silver –       4 or above on all three assessments

Bronze –    3 or above on all three assessments

Assessments are web-based and are offered in both English and Spanish.

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