Sha Walker, Co-Founder & CEO of Jumpstart Test Prep was searching for a proven, unique approach to improve ACT test scores. He learned of Dot McClendon’s ACT expertise and renowned preparation method firsthand after his daughter’s seventh try using other books and resources while scoring 20, 20, 24, 24, 23, 24, and 23 on those attempts. After only 16 hours of preparation, Jumpstart ACT delivered a dramatic improvement on her final attempt, a score of 27, thereby saving around one-third in tuition with an academic scholarship.

In 2016, Sha began the mission of creating online, on-demand delivery of Dot’s 40 years of test preparation experience and proven techniques to the millions of students attempting college readiness, high school equivalency, educator certification and workforce certification assessments.

At Jumpstart Test Prep, Sha manages all aspects of the start-up relating to vision, product development, systems, marketing, recruitment, management, sales, and financial. Sha taps all of the skills he acquired early in his career at L.M. Berry Company and later at Hurst Review Services where he held senior roles.

Sha received his Bachelor of Business Administration in 1990 from Mississippi State University, and received his Master of Business Administration in 2017 from Millsaps College. He worked for nearly 15 years at the L.M. Berry Company, a Bellsouth company that later became an AT&T company. Sha served in roles of sales and management before joining Hurst Review Services in 2008 as Chief Marketing Officer, and later served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Hurst Review Services offers the nation’s premier review course to assist nursing students preparing for the NCLEX® licensure examination. Hurst’s course is offered in both live and online formats. During Sha’s tenure, the company realized a revenue increase of over 800%, growing from a southeast regional footprint to providing services in all 50 states and Canada.

In the Brookhaven community, Sha is an Executive Committee Member and Past President of the Brookhaven Lincoln County Chamber of Commerce. He is also a member and Past President of the Brookhaven Servitium Civic Club and is a congregant at Johnson Grove Church of Christ.

Sha has been married 25 years, has two children, and resides in Brookhaven, MS.