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“Jumpstart is an awesome way to boost your ACT score! With the help of the videos and the workbook, I was able to boost my score significantly. The in-depth, personal review of each subject allowed me to bring my Science score up a full 10 points… I would highly recommend this program for anyone who is willing to put in the effort, because it is definitely worth it!”

Nathan Heard, Student

ACT® Complete Science Prep.

A complete review of the Science subject area of the ACT®.

Improve time management and work faster on test day after a quick review of even the content you are proficient in. Attempt more — guess less!

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4 Video Modules

Review modules accessed on-demand & ready when you are
(average time of 39 minutes each)

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3-Hour Review*

A minimum time commitment for major improvements
*approximate total run time

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1 Workbook

Includes a workbook for the Science subject area, to be completed with video modules

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90-Day Subscription

Work at your own pace at any time within the 90-day subscription period

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Our Guarantee

Backed by nearly 60 years of experience, we guarantee improvement over prior best score, for the product ordered and completed, or your money back!

Jumpstart Test Prep ACT Science

Jumpstart Test Prep ACT Science

A complete review of the
Science Section of the ACT®

  • 90 — day access to 4 streaming video modules, 39 minutes each
  • Includes a student workbook
  • Starting at $99
    3 HOUR REVIEW (approximate)

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Your Students will Thank You

Image of Robert Byrd

Robert Byrd

Parent Son Chandler pictured at left

“Thank you Jumpstart Test Prep! Our son, Chandler, had taken the ACT twice and scored a 17 composite both times. After completing your Science and Reading prep, he moved 8 points over his best Science score...His composite moved 5 points from 17 to a 22! We are excited about the opportunity that this test score jump will now provide…!”

ACT® Science Module Content

Each module contains content review, ACT® specific testing strategies, tips and realistic timed practice proven to help students of all ability levels improve their scores!

Module 1

1. Data Representation (41 Min)

Line Graphs (Duration: 11:43), Bar Graphs (Duration: 3:56), Histograms (Duration: 3:00), Circle Graphs (Duration: 3:03), Charts, Tables, and Illustrations (Duration: 10:25), Interpolation / Extrapolation (Duration: 7:38)

Module 2

2. Research Summaries (37 Min)

Research Summaries Tips (Duration: 4:48), Challenge Passage 1 (Duration: 20:11), Challenge Passage 2 (Duration: 12:34)

Module 3

3. Conflicting Viewpoints (31 Min)

Conflicting Viewpoints Tips (Duration: 6:43), Challenge Passage 1 (Duration: 8:46), Challenge Passage 2 (Duration: 8:13), Challenge Passage 3 (Duration: 8:14)

Module 4

4. Science Vocabulary, Tips, and Strategies (45 Min)

Science Vocabulary Strategy (Duration: 1:12), Biological Sciences Vocabulary Quiz (Duration: 9:18), Biological Sciences Challenge Passage (Duration: 6:53), Chemistry Vocabulary Quiz (Duration: 6:17), Chemistry Challenge Passage (Duration: 5:39), Physics Vocabulary Quiz (Duration: 4:22), Physics Challenge Passage (Duration: 5:43), Tips & Strategies for Success (Duration: 5:56)

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