The most improvement in the least amount of review time

All Algebra teachers are not the same. AlgeBlast!® was developed based on the methodology and techniques of educator Dot McClendon, over a 40-year period of helping students master algebra. Dot has been selected STAR teacher nineteen times by students from three different schools and is a member of the STAR Teacher Hall of Fame. Jumpstart AlgeBlast!® is an online program designed for classroom integration and leverages Dot’s years of proven teaching expertise. AlgeBlast!® is proven to improve student understanding of Algebra content, enabling higher achievement on state administered Algebra 1 End-of-Course Assessments, as well as the ACT® exam.

Jumpstart AlgeBlast!® Offers Faculty:

  • Expert Algebra instruction in the classroom via streaming video.
  • On demand access to entire program for the complete semester.
  • Flexibility to incorporate video modules and learning activities into your academic calendar.
  • School average improvement of Algebra 1 End-of-Course (EOC) state assessment.

Jumpstart AlgeBlast!® Offers Students:

  • Concise and enjoyable guided review of content tested by (EOC) exam and Algebra portion of the Math section of the ACT® exam.
  • Tips, calculator use instruction and testing strategies.
  • Fact flashcards requiring engagement to promote the long term retention of fundamental content.