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All Algebra teachers are not the same. AlgeBlast!® was developed based on the methodology and techniques of educator Dot McClendon, over a 40-year period of helping students master algebra. Dot has been selected STAR teacher nineteen times by students from three different schools and is a member of the STAR Teacher Hall of Fame. Jumpstart AlgeBlast!® is an online program designed for classroom integration and leverages Dot’s years of proven teaching expertise. AlgeBlast!® is proven to improve student understanding of Algebra content, enabling higher achievement on state administered Algebra 1 End-of-Course Assessments, as well as the ACT® exam.

Jumpstart AlgeBlast!® Offers Faculty:

  • Expert Algebra instruction in the classroom via streaming video.
  • On demand access to entire program for the complete semester.
  • Flexibility to incorporate video modules and learning activities into your academic calendar.
  • School average improvement of Algebra 1 End-of-Course (EOC) state assessment.

Jumpstart AlgeBlast!® Offers Students:

  • Concise and enjoyable guided review of content tested by (EOC) exam and Algebra portion of the Math section of the ACT® exam.
  • Tips, calculator use instruction and testing strategies.
  • Fact flashcards requiring engagement to promote the long term retention of fundamental content.

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Algeblast Module Content

Each module contains content review, tips, strategies and timed practice proven to help students of all ability levels improve their scores!

Not all content included will be directly tested by Algebra end-of course exams but is provided as optional review material to reinforce basic math skills. These optional content areas are indicated by * and shading.

Module 1

1. Number Properties (33 Min)

*Integers, Primes, and Composite Numbers, *Rational / Irrational Numbers, *Divisibility Rules, Square Roots, *Perfect Squares, Perfect Cubes, Cube Roots, Order of Operations

Module 2

2. Whole Number Computation (34 Min)

*Whole Number Computation, *Factors and Prime Factorization, *Multiples, *Simple Series, Sequences (Arithmetic and Geometric), *Least Common Multiples, *Greatest Common Factor, Inequality Symbols and Number Line Graphs, *Place Value and Decimal Computations

Module 3

3. Simple Statistics (37 Min)

Mean, Median, Mode, Range, *Exponents, *Multiplying Exponents, *Dividing Exponents, *Raising Exponents, *Changing Negative Exponents, *Scientific Notation

Module 4

*4. Fractions and Percents (41 Min)

*Fractions , *Mixed Fractions, *Improper Fractions, *Dividing Fractions, *Multiplying Fractions, *Percent and Computations with Percents

Module 5

5. Ratios and Proportions (26 Min)

*Ratio and Proportions, *Probability, Absolute Value and Computations with Absolute Value

Module 6

6. Data Collection, Representation and Expressions (39 Min)

*Circle Graphs, *Histograms, *Line Graphs, *Scatter Plot Graphs, *Stem and Leaf Plot, *Counting Techniques, *Counting Techniques - Products, *Counting Techniques - Factorials, *Counting Techniques - Permutations, *Counting Techniques - Combinations, Solving Linear Equations

Module 7

*7. Evaluating Formulas and Expressions (44 Min)

*Area of a Triangle, *Area of a Rectangle, *Perimeter of a Rectangle, *Volume of a Rectangular Prism, *Area of a Square, *Perimeter of a Square, *Volume of a Square Prism, *Area of a Parallelogram, *Perimeter of a Parallelogram, *Area of a Trapezoid, *Perimeter of a Trapezoid, *Circle Area & Diameter, *Circumference of a Circle, *Volume of a Sphere, *Volume of a Cylinder, *Volume of a Cone, *Volume of a Square Pyramid

Module 8

8. Radicals (45 Min)

Radicals, Simplifying Radicals, Adding and Subtracting Radicals, Multiplying Radicals, Dividing Radicals, Polynomials, Adding Polynomials, Subtracting Polynomials, Multiplying Polynomials, Dividing Polynomials

Module 9

9. Factoring Polynomials (37 Min)

Factoring Polynomials, Difference of Two Perfect Squares, Sum of Two Perfect Squares, Sum of Two Cubes, Difference of Two Cubes , Quadratic Formula, Finding the Discriminant

Module 10

10. Inequalities and Computations with Inequalities (42 Min)

Inequalities, Computations with Inequalities, Absolute value Inequalities, *Matrices, *Adding & Subtracting Matrices, *Multiplication of Matrices (26:47), *Finding Determinant of a 2X2 Matrix, *Finding Determinant of a 3X3 Matrix, *Multiplying Matrices

Module 11

11. System of Equations (38 Min)

Linear Equations, System of Linear Equations, Elimination Method of Solving Systems of Equations , Substitution Method of solving Systems of Equations , Graphing Method of solving Systems of Equations , Radical & Rational Expressions , Multiplying and Dividing Exponential Numbers with the same Base , Undefined Term, Excluded Numbers & Interval Notation, Relations and Functions

Module 12

12. Quadratic Formula (38 Min)

Quadratic Equation, Graphing Quadratic Equations , Finding the Zeros on Quadratic Graphs, Quadratic Formula & Discriminant, Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square, *Graphing Quadratic Inequalities, Vertex of a Parabola

Module 13

13. Solving and Graphing Linear Equations & Inequalities (47 Min)

Coordinate Plane, Identifying and Graphing Points and Lines , Linear Equations, Identifying Slope and Y-intercept in Linear Equations, Converting from Standard Form to Slope-Intercept Form, Identifying the x- and y- intercepts from a Linear Equation, Calculating the Slope if Two Coordinate Points Are Given, Solving and Graphing Linear Equations, Point-Slope Formula to Solve Linear Equations, Solving and Graphing Linear Inequality Equations, Imaginary Numbers & Computations with Imaginary Numbers