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2020-2021 Junior Class at Lawrence County Achieve Remarkable ACT® Score Improvements

Back row, L to R: Principal Tawanna Thornton, Cody Grant, Makenzie Mealer, Jakob Hedgepeth, Dylan Bryan, and teacher Candace Sandifer. Front row, L to R: Ashlyn Howell, Savannah McCullough, and Anna Herring.


MONTICELLO, Miss., June 4, 2021 ( - Jumpstart Test Prep recently released the ACT® improvement results for Lawrence County High School, whose junior class used the program to prepare for the state-administered February 2021 ACT® exam (American College Testing). Following completion of Jumpstart's English and Math ACT prep reviews, the school had 71% of its students improving their prior English subscores by an average of 2.86 points and 65% improving their Math subscores by an average of 2.95 points. This resulted in 74% of the students with a prior ACT score improving their composite score by an average of 1.82 points. Candace Sandifer, a teacher at Lawrence County, noted that these improvements are the highest improvements that juniors at Lawrence County have achieved in over three years.

Candace Sandifer has taught the Jumpstart review program to Lawrence County High School's students since 2018. Sandifer said, "I love the Jumpstart Test Prep program. It is a review that is specifically designed in

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