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ACT Scores Improve for 60% of Juniors at Leland High School

Several Leland High School Juniors were recognized for ACT improvements. Back row, L to R: LaDarius Pratt, Donal Washington, and Jermya Summage. Front row, L to R: Ms. Alexandria Melnick, Kason Shead, Eriana Murphy, and Ms. Jocelyn Jarrett.

LELAND, Miss., June 3, 2021 ( - Jumpstart Test Prep recently released the ACT® improvement results for Leland High School, whose junior class used the program to prepare for the state-administered February 2021 ACT® exam (American College Testing). Following completion of Jumpstart's complete ACT prep review, the school had 73% of its students improving their prior Science subscores by an average of 2.72 points and 67% improving their English subscores by an average of 2.6 points. Additionally, 46% of students improved their Reading subscores by an average of 2.5 points and 33% improved their Math subscores by an average of two points.

Students who achieved notable improvements in their scores were happy to provide their thoughts about the review program. On her first ACT® attempt, Leland High junior Jermya Summage achieved a 21 on her English subscore. She says Jumpstart helped her to succeed because "it provided me with an in-depth review, 

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