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ACT® Scores Improve for Mississippi High Schools Selected for State Sponsored Pilot Program Utilizing Jumpstart Test Prep Review

% of Students Improved, By Subject Area

BROOKHAVEN, Miss., June 7, 2021 ( -Today, Jumpstart Test Prep announced efficacy conclusions determined by h-squared Analytics, a Portland Oregon, research firm retained to investigate improvements realized by 31 randomly selected pilot schools whose junior class used the Jumpstart ACT Review program to prepare for the state-administered February 2021 ACT® exam (American College Testing). Following completion of Jumpstart's ACT prep review in English, 68% of the students had an average ACT English score improvement of +3.38 points over their best prior attempt. Similarly, 68% of the students improved their math scores by an average of +2.75 points. Fifty-five percent of students improved their science section score +3.12 points. The largest average point gains were realized on the reading section test with 61% improving an average 4.12 points.

The most improved students in the math subtest area saw gains of +9 points. The English subtest had five students with +12-point gains. The science subtest most improved student realized a +8-point gain, and the reading subtest most improved student realized an incredible +14 point gain.

"Rigorous aggregate level t-tests in which pre- to post- score changes were assessed demonstrated that three of the four subject areas and the composite average saw statistically significant positive score changes at the critical p-value of .05. The

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