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Dyslexia and the ACT Exam - Malori's Journey Utilizing Jumpstart Test Prep

Malori Cade

BROOKHAVEN, Miss., October 15, 2019 ( - Malori was in the 4th grade when, after having increasing problems with reading, she was diagnosed with dyslexia. Her family repeatedly witnessed that when she was placed into testing situations involving time, this caused issues with her test-taking.

“We knew there was something with her reading because her grades in other classes were always high, but her reading was always two or three grades behind,” said Lora Cade, Malori’s mother. “So, by the end of Malori’s 3rd-grade year, I knew we had to intervene … something was wrong. We decided to have her tested in Hattiesburg, Mississippi - a six-hour comprehensive study. Within the first 30 minutes, the doctor said she was dyslexic. Malori has an extreme anxiety towards timed testing because of her dyslexia.”

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