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Mississippi Graduation Rate is on the Rise With Jumpstart Test Prep

Principal Jane Hubbard of Hickory Flat Attendance Center and Lane Gorden

BROOKHAVEN, Miss., December 16, 2019 ( - While Mississippi’s graduation rate continues to climb, the state fell short of the national graduation rate of 84 percent last year. Scoring higher on the ACT® exam is one key to improving this graduation rate. Students not meeting graduation end-of-course requirements are able to overcome this obstacle by meeting the required benchmarks for college readiness on the ACT® exam.

Meet Lane Gorden, a high school senior attending Hickory Flat Attendance Center. Lane struggled with the state’s English II end-of-course test and failed on three attempts. “Graduating was not going to happen for me  But my school let me know if I could make a 17 on the English section of the ACT®, the requirement would be met and I could graduate. The only problem was, I had already taken the ACT® exam 3 or 4 times before, and the best score I could manage was a 14 composite with a 16 on the English section,” said Lane. “My school didn’t give up on me. They provided the Jumpstart Test Prep review before my next attempt and I got to work.”

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