The most improvement in the least amount of review time

High School Juniors at Loyd Star Attendance Center Achieve Major ACT® Score Improvements in February

Multiple Loyd Star Attendance Center juniors realized major ACT® improvements after preparing with Jumpstart Test Prep. Back row, L to R: Hunter Williams, Haley McCullough and Riley Easterling. Front row, L to R: Wednesday Warren and Madison Falvey.

BROOKHAVEN, Miss., April 22, 2021 ( - Jumpstart Test Prep recently released the ACT® improvement results from Loyd Star Attendance Center, whose junior class used the program to prepare for the state-administered February 2021 ACT® exam (American College Testing). Following completion of Jumpstart's complete ACT prep review, 70 percent of the students with a prior ACT score improved an average of +3.07 composite points above their best prior attempt. The school reported big gains in Math with 80 percent of its students improving their prior Math sub-scores by an average of +3.81 points, 65 percent improving their English sub-scores by an average of +3.23 points, while the same percentage of students improved their Reading sub-scores by an average of +4.7 points. Additionally, 55 percent of students improved their Science sub-scores by an average of +2.55 points.

Kristin King, an English teacher at Loyd Star who taught the Jumpstart program, says, "As a teacher, I really liked the Jumpstart program and think it's a great review where students could write down basic stuff that they might have forgotten or may have never heard." King continued, "The program was really well-organized and

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