The most improvement in the least amount of review time

Juniors at D'Iberville High School Achieve Remarkable Improvements on the English Section of the ACT

uniors at D'Iberville High School were recognized for significant ACT score improvements. Back row, from left: Tyler Gunter, Pierson Feeney, Michael Taylor, and Mikayla Snaer; front row, from left: Gavin Vassalli, Hannah Nguyen, and C.T. Frick.

BROOKHAVEN, Miss., June 22, 2021 ( - D'Iberville High School (DHS) is the "Home of the Warriors" and that is definitely what the students are — warriors who conquer great academic feats and rise to educational victory. The completion of the American College Test (ACT) is dreaded by many high school students, however, the junior class at D'Iberville High recently proved that hard work and dedication will make scores rise high. The school was randomly selected to receive the Jumpstart Test Prep ACT English Review, developed by Dot McClendon, a 19-year STAR teacher, through a grant partnership with the Mississippi Legislature administered through the Mississippi Department of Education. Last week, the ACT improvements results for the school were released by Jumpstart Test Prep and showed significant improvement for D'Iberville juniors in the English sub-section of the ACT. Following the dedicated implementation and support provided by D'Iberville High's faculty and the completion of Jumpstart's ACT English review, over 60 percent of juniors had an average ACT English score improvement of +3.21 points over their best prior attempt.

Multiple DHS students were recognized for their English sub-score improvement results and shared their thoughts about the Jumpstart review program. Hannah Nguyen, who saw a +8 improvement, commented, "Jumpstart Test Prep made the difference because it reminded me of grammar rules that I had forgotten." Pierson Feeney commented, "The biggest difference about Jumpstart was having a workbook to take home and study. Because of that, I was able to reinforce tips over and over again." Feeney had a significant gain of +9 points. Mikayla Snaer, who scored a 20 or higher on her first attempt, agreed with Feeney. "Because I had a workbook, in addition to video modules, I was able to focus and complete the review to prepare for the ACT." Snaer added, "The review portion really helped me because it reminded me of some things I had completely forgotten about." Another student, Gavin Vassalli, who jumped +6 points, added to Snaer's comments. "Jumpstart helped by reminding me of grammar rules and giving me tips. It really helped to improve my score."

On his first attempt at the ACT, Michael Taylor, scored a remarkable

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