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Lucie's Shocking ACT Improvement

Lucie Leblanc

BROOKHAVEN, Miss., October 25, 2019 ( -​​Meet Lucie. Mississippi High School senior Lucie Leblanc struggled to score well on the ACT exam during her freshman and sophomore years. “Lucie has always been a strong student with excellent grades, so we were surprised by her early scores on the ACT,” said father Mark Leblanc. “We started looking for help and found Jumpstart Test Prep’s online math review, and Lucie completed it a few weeks before her next attempt during her sophomore year.  When the results from this test came in, we were shocked with her eight-point improvement in math (18 to 26). We were hooked!  Our online subscription included a 90-day duration, so she reviewed the math portion and we added English. Her next math attempt moved another four points (26 to 30), and she realized big improvements on the English section of the test as well.” 

After taking the ACT a few more times without seeing much improvement, she learned while visiting a friend that Jumpstart had recently added prep for the reading and science sections of the test. Glancing around her friend’s house, Lucie saw typical test prep books everywhere — on the desk, on a chair, piled up on the floor. She had all but given up on getting a higher score — but a small part of her still hoped: “I got access and got to work.”

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