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West Lincoln Attendance Center Freshman Carson Temple Achieves ACT® Composite Score of 31

Carson Temple recently improved his ACT® composite score +3 points, from a 28 to a 31

After using Jumpstart Test Prep to prepare for his fourth attempt at the ACT exam, West Lincoln Attendance Center freshman Carson Temple saw dramatic gains in his performance. The highest possible ACT® score is a 36, and the national average last year was a 20.8. On his fourth ACT® attempt, Carson improved from his prior best score of 28 to an impressive 31.

It is not a secret that discipline and perseverance are key elements to success. Carson knows this well as he is a high achieving student who loves to play basketball and is very musically inclined, playing both piano and guitar. His commitment to achieving success is evidenced by his journey to reaching improvements on the ACT®, a test that many high school students dread. Carson initially took the ACT® in seventh grade and achieved a composite score of 22. In February 2020 he re-tested, which resulted in a composite score of 27. He waited a year and took the ACT® a third time, this time scoring one point higher and reaching a 28-composite score.

Carson's goal was to achieve a 30-composite score to be able to qualify for dual enrollment as a sophomore. With this goal in mind, he began to prepare once again for the ACT®, and this time he utilized Jumpstart Test Prep's complete ACT® review program. Carson recently received his scores from the June 2021 test date and was very pleased with his results. He improved +4 points in English, increasing his score from a 31 to a 35; +3 points in Reading, from a 30 to a 33; and, +2 points in both Math and Science. Carson was proud to reach his goal and achieve a composite score of 31, increasing +4 points from his initial composite score of 27.

"Jumpstart was a really good review of 

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