The most improvement in the least amount of review time™

Help your teachers SUCCEED by introducing and practicing essential ACT® skills with your students!

4- to 7-minute timed bellringer practice, reviewing one defined ACT® standard!

Fun, young, engaging presenters deliver each StartUp!

Site license for online access to bellringer repository for designated teachers!

Implement as early as 7th grade to introduce & practice essential skills!

Teachers & Administrators Love Our StartUps!

"My students and I find the Jumpstart videos to be very substantial in their path of taking the ACT®. They have improved my students' confidence in taking the test through their thorough explanations of problems and noticeable cohesion between example problems and actual test questions!"

Joshua Smith Teacher, North Pike High School

"My students really enjoyed today's Jumpstart StartUp bellringer and the other bellringers we have completed previously. I really like how the program provides the question and answer choices and gives the students time to think and reflect on the question. After the reflection time, I really like the visuals on how to break the question down. It makes it very easy for students to understand and gives wonderful tips on how to do their best."

Tammy Alford Teacher, Quitman High School

"This was a great way to break down the problem and find the solution. I also like how they expanded on the answer just in case the answer choices are not as obvious in a given problem."

Montez Griffin Teacher, South Panola High School

"I like how they boxed in key adverbs that would help students best understand the question. I have noticed how many students miss the answer because they misinterpret what the question is asking."

Dominique Miller Teacher, Grenada High School

"What I love about this and ALL StartUps is that they are practical and targeted according to the skills needed for ACT®. In this StartUp, the skill was replacement for word usage and context. It was presented in an easy way for ALL students to understand and use. StartUps make our teachers' job easier and more effective."

Kaleb Smith Principal, Southeast Lauderdale High School

"This was a great tool for the beginning of class!!! It just so happened that I was teaching on redundancy today as well! My students always respond well to Jumpstart. I am thankful for the opportunity to use this tool. I also like the encouraging quotes at the end of each StartUp! They provide a great jumping-off point for discussion at the beginning of class. Thank you guys for all you do!"

Billy Ray Teacher, Riverside High School

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