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“After taking the Jumpstart ACT® Prep, my English score raised from a 16 to a 25; which is nine points! One of the things I really liked about Jumpstart is that the presenters are very energetic and they keep me involved. Also, the tips were very helpful for testing!”

Joshua griffin, Student

ACT® Complete English Prep.

A complete review of the English subject area of the ACT®.

Improve time management and work faster on test day after a quick review of even the content you are proficient in. Attempt more — guess less!

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8 Video Modules

Review modules accessed on-demand & ready when you are
(average time of 36 minutes each)

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5-Hour Review*

A minimum time commitment for major improvements
*approximate total run time

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Online Assessments

"Pre" & "Post" are included with our English review, providing individualized review based on weaknesses

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1 Workbook

Includes a workbook for the English subject area, to be completed with video modules

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90-Day Subscription

Work at your own pace at any time within the 90-day subscription period

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Our Guarantee

Backed by nearly 60 years of experience, we guarantee improvement over prior best score, for the product ordered and completed, or your money back!

Jumpstart Test Prep ACT English

Jumpstart Test Prep ACT English

A complete review of the
English Section of the ACT®

  • 90 — day access to 8 streaming video modules, 38 minutes each
  • Includes a student workbook & "pre" and "post" assessments
  • Starting at $139
    5 HOUR REVIEW (approximate)

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Stacia Owen

Parent Daughter Harper pictured at left

“Scores posted this week…5 point jump in English! This program works! We were down to crunch time when we learned about this prep course. Our daughter needed an increase of 2 points on her 'superscore' in order to save us $20,000 over four years and allow her to apply for the honors college…Thank you Jumpstart Test Prep for providing an affordable ACT 'tutor'.”

ACT® English Module Content

Each module contains content review, ACT® specific testing strategies, tips and realistic timed practice proven to help students of all ability levels improve their scores!

Sentence Structure

1. Sentence Structure (32 Min)

Sentences (Duration: 2:10), Sentence Fragments (Duration: 2:05), Run-On Sentences / Comma Splices (Duration: 7:55), Modifiers (Duration: 2:49), Misplaced & Dangling Modifiers (Duration: 4:41), Challenge Passage Practice (Duration: 13:22)


2. Punctuation (43 Min)

Commas before Conjunctions (Duration: 3:45), Commas in a Series (Duration: 2:12), Commas after an Introductory Phrase or Clause (Duration: 4:52), Commas around Non-essential Clauses or Phrases (Duration: 4:28), Semicolons (Duration: 4:26), Colons (Duration: 3:46), Dashes (Duration: 2:58), Challenge Passages (Duration: 15:14)

Punctuation & Language

3. Punctuation & Language (37 Min)

Parentheses (Duration: 2:34), Apostrophes (Duration: 18:15), Vocabulary (Duration: 4:43), Idioms (Duration: 2:21), Formal Language (Duration: 3:54), Challenge Passage (Duration: 4:35)

Nouns, Verbs & Transition Words

4. Nouns, Verbs, & Transition Words (44 Min)

Nouns (Duration: 7:43), Pronouns (Duration: 13:19), Verbs (Duration: 4:20), Verb Tense (Duration: 2:26), Subject-Verb Agreement (Duration: 2:22), Parallelism (Duration: 6:13), Transition Words (Duration: 6:24)

Grammar & Usage, Word Economy, Unity, and Organizing & Purpose

5. Grammar & Usage (38 Min)

Adjective Usage (Duration: 4:22), Adverb Usage (Duration: 2:15), Conjunctive Adverbs (Duration: 3:40), Comparative and Superlative Adjectives and Adverbs (Duration: 4:50), Confusing Word Pairs (Duration: 17:08), Avoiding Dangling Modifiers (Duration: 4:48)

6. Word Economy (31 Min)

Redundancy (Duration: 6:41), Key Words (Duration: 15:54), Embedded Questions (Duration: 4:04)

7. Unity (30 Min)

Transitions (Duration: 4:07), Sentence Order (Duration: 20:20), Unity (Duration: 7:09)

8. Organizing & Purpose (30 Min)

Identifying Time-Soaking Questions (Duration: 1:05), Paragraph Order (Duration: 11:18), Yes / No Questions (Duration: 7:13), Final Tips (Duration: 2:40)

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