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“Absolutely AMAZED! Our daughter had maxed out her English and Reading scores, but was stuck with the same composite score. She began the Jumpstart Test Prep for Math and Science and we were SHOCKED at the results. She jumped 10 points in Math between her first ACT a few years ago and her most recent score…Jumpstart is the best kept secret!”

ACT® Complete Math Prep.

A complete review of the Math subject area of the ACT®.

Improve time management and work faster on test day after a quick review of even the content you are proficient in. Attempt more — guess less!

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20 Video Modules

Review modules accessed on-demand & ready when you are
(average time of 35 minutes each)

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13-Hour Review*

A minimum time commitment for major improvements
*approximate total run time

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Online Assessments

"Pre" & "Post" are included with our Math review, providing individualized review based on weaknesses

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1 Workbook

Includes a workbook for the Math subject area, to be completed with video modules

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90-Day Subscription

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Jumpstart Test Prep ACT Math

Jumpstart Test Prep ACT Math

A complete review of the
Math Section of the ACT®

  • 90 — day access to 20 streaming video modules, 35 minutes each

  • Includes a student workbook & "pre" and "post" assessments

  • Starting at $199
    13 HOUR REVIEW (approximate)

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Christian Severson


“After struggling with a dropping math ACT score, I turned to Jumpstart Test Prep before I took the test again. My math score dropped as low as 20 before I took the test prep, and jumped to a 28 after engaging in the lessons provided by Jumpstart. This program did its job and now I am here to do mine and tell you to purchase this program, it certainly works!

ACT® Math Module Content

Each module contains content review, ACT® specific testing strategies, tips and realistic timed practice proven to help students of all ability levels improve their scores!


1. Number Properties (36 Min)

Integers, Primes, and Composite Numbers, Rational / Irrational Numbers, Divisibility Rules, Square Roots, Perfect Squares, Perfect Cubes, Cube Roots, Order of Operations

2. Whole Number Computation (35 Min)

Whole Number Computation, Factors and Prime Factorization, Multiples, Simple Series, Sequences (Arithmetic and Geometric), Least Common Multiples, Greatest Common Factor, Inequality Symbols and Line Graphs, Place Value and Decimal Computations

3. Simple Statistics (38 Min)

Mean, Median, Mode, Range, Exponents, Multiplying Exponents, Dividing Exponents, Raising Exponents, Changing Negative Exponents, Scientific Notation

4. Fractions and Percents (39 Min)

Fractions, Mixed Fractions, Improper Fractions, Dividing Fractions, Multiplying Fractions, Percents and Computations with Percents

5. Ratios and Proportions (26 Min)

Ratio and Proportions, Probability, Absolute Value and Computations with Absolute Value

6. Data Collection, Representation and Expressions (39 Min)

Circle Graphs, Bar Graphs, Line Graphs, Scatter Plot Graphs, Stem and Leaf Plot, Counting Techniques, Counting Techniques - Products, Counting Techniques - Factorials, Counting Techniques - Permutations, Counting Techniques - Combinations, Solving Linear Equations

Elementary Algebra

7. Evaluating Formulas and Expressions (44 Min)

Area of a Triangle, Area of a Rectangle, Perimeter of a Rectangle, Volume of a Rectangular Prism, Area of a Square, Perimeter of a Square, Volume of a Square Prism, Area of a Parallelogram, Perimeter of a Parallelogram, Area of a Trapezoid, Perimeter of a Trapezoid, Circle Area & Diameter, Circumference of a Circle, Volume of a Sphere, Volume of a Cylinder, Volume of a Cone, Volume of a Square Pyramid

8. Radicals (46 Min)

Radicals, Simplifying Radicals, Adding and Subtracting Radicals, Multiplying Radicals, Dividing Radicals, Polynomials, Adding Polynomials, Subtracting Polynomials, Multiplying Polynomials, Dividing Polynomials

9. Factoring Polynomials (37 Min)

Factoring Polynomials, Difference of Two Perfect Squares, Sum of Two Perfect Squares, Sum of Two Cubes, Difference of Two Cubes, Quadratic Formula, Finding the Discriminant

Intermediate Algebra

10. Inequalities and Computations with Inequalities (42 Min)

Inequalities, Computations with Inequalities, Absolute value Inequalities, Matrices, Adding & Subtracting Matrices, Multiplication of Matrices, Finding Determinant of a 2X2 Matrix, Finding Determinant of a 3X3 Matrix, Multiplying Matrices

11. System of Equations (38 Min)

Linear Equations, System of Linear Equations, Elimination Method of Solving Systems of Equations, Substitution Method of solving Systems of Equations, Graphing Method of solving Systems of Equations, Radical & Rational Expressions, Multiplying and Dividing Exponential Numbers with the same Base, Undefined Term, Excluded Numbers & Interval Notation, Relations and Functions

12. Quadratic Formula (38 Min)

Quadratic Equation, Graphing Quadratic Equations, Finding the Zeros on Quadratic Graphs, Quadratic Formula & Discriminant, Solving Quadratic Equations by Completing the Square, Graphing Quadratic Inequalities, Vertex of a Parabola

Coordinate Geometry

13. Solving and Graphing Linear Equations & Inequalities (48 Min)

Coordinate Plane, Identifying and Graphing Points and Lines, Linear Equations, Identifying Slope and Y-intercept in Linear Equations, Converting from Standard Form to Slope-Intercept Form, Identifying the x- and y- intercepts from a Linear Equation, Calculating the Slope if Two Coordinate Points Are Given, Solving and Graphing Linear Equations, Point-Slope Forumla to Solve Linear Equations, Solving and Graphing Linear Inequality Equations, Imaginary Numbers & Computations with Imaginary Numbers

14. Distance and Midpoint Formulas (30 Min)

Distance and Midpoint Formulas, Circle Equation, Ellipse Equation, Parabola Equation and Graphing Parabolas, Hyperbola Equation

Plane Geometry

15. Basic Elements of Plane Geometry (35 Min)

Basic Elements of Plane Geometry, Parallel Lines and their Angles, Graphs of Parallel Lines, Polygons, Quadrilaterals - Areas & Perimeters

16. Geometry - Angles (28 Min)

General Properties of Triangles, Common ACT Triangles, Pythagorean theorem

17. Circles and Computations with Circles (44 Min)

Circle and Computations with Circles, Equation of a Circle, Ellipses and Computations with Ellipses, Parabolas, Hyperbolas

18. Shaded Figures (33 Min)

Shaded Figures, Transformations & Translations, Geometric Formulas, Rectangular Prism Surface Area and Volume Computations, Cube Prism Surface Area and Volume Computations, Sphere Surface Area and Volume Computations, Square Pyramid Surface Area and Volume Computations, Cone Surface Area and Volume Computations, Cylinder Surface Area and Volume Computations


19. Trigonometry Relationships to Right Triangles (41 Min)

Trigonometry Relationships to Right Triangles, Values and Properties of Trigonometric Functions, Reference Angles

20. Recognition and Identification of Trigonometric Graphs (39 Min)

Recognition and Identification of Trigonometric Graphs, Translation of Trigonometry Equations, Trigonometric Identities, Law of Sines, Law of Cosines, Logarithms and Computations with Logarithms

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