Jumpstart delivers the most ACT® improvement in the least amount of study time!

ACT test prep can be fun! Backed by over 40 years of proven experience, Jumpstart’s unique preparation approach was crafted by ACT experts and helps students of all ability levels stay fully engaged and gain the most improvement in the shortest time.

Jumpstart's streaming video modules are delivered on-demand and designed for topic mastery. Each module reviews the must-know content, includes testing strategies specific to the ACT, and concludes with practice challenge questions modeled from actual "retired" ACT exams and practice tests.

Our program is offered a-la-cart, so you can purchase only the subjects you want! Each subject workbook is completed by the student while watching our video module review. This active participation required of students is actually fun and designed for maximum retention on test day!

How our students' scores rise-

  • We provide a concise, enjoyable guided content review on all tested subject areas through 90-day online access subscription
  • Students also get tips, calculator use instruction and testing strategies specific to the exam
  • Improved time management through timed challenge question practice
  • Long-term retention of fundamental content through workbook interactive flashcard creation requiring active participation
  • Math and English online assessments designed to link students back to their weakness areas reviewed in the Jumpstart module content review

Improvement is Guaranteed, or your money back!

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